When you're fans love you that's great. When your peers love you that's really great but when the Metal God recognizes you - that's the ultimate compliment.

Rob Halford has been the voice of one of heavy metals most iconic bands, Judas Priest, since 1973. He's also fronted 3 solo bands ... Fight, Two and Halford ... as well as doing numerous guest appearances with other bands and he's dabbled in acting.

He even fronted Black Sabbath a few times, filling in twice for Dio and once for Ozzy.

He's been around to say the least and is probably the most respected of metal's elders. When Rob speaks, people listen.

I've worked with him 3 times over the years and I can say this; he is as cool, as nice, as humble and as in love with music as he seems to be on stage and in his interviews. Nothing false about him at all, what you see is what you get..

Photo, GG
Photo, GG

Loudersound recently asked Rob who his absolute favorite metal bands are and those who made the list might surprise you. You can read the entire list here.

I have no problem with his list, all the bands are good. (And, it is his opinion after all. We don't all think the same.)

I'm 100% in agreement with Texas' proudest metal sons, Pantera, making the cut.

They cut a wide swath through the metal world at a time when the genre really needed a jump start. Here is what Rob had to say about them:

“It can’t be stressed enough how important Pantera were in saving heavy metal in the 1990s. Things were getting a little mellow, especially in America. Then along came these four gentlemen from Texas who had captured the true spirit of heavy metal. It came from their hearts and their souls. Metal in the 90s needed Pantera. They were the springboard for so many other bands afterwards."

Loudersound themselves once named Pantera as one of the best bands from Texas ... like, we needed to be told that.

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