How many freakin' fajitas do you have to steal to get 50 years? $1.2 million dollars worth, THAT'S how many....

Yeah, you read that right; over 6 digits worth of fajitas were heisted by a Brownsville, Texas man.  Long story short; Gilberto Escamilla was in charge of ordering food for the Cameron County juvenile center in Brownsville and he ordered a few fajitas for himself. I'm not sure what the penalty for fajita-napping is but, Escamilla bought himself 50 years for abusing his position; not the actual theft itself.

Wanna know how they caught him?

He ordered 800 pounds of fajitas ... 800 pounds!?!? ... but, wasn't there when they arrived.  (He had a Doctors appointment.) Since the facility he was in charge of ordering for doesn't serve fajitas, this raised some eyebrows.  An investigation revealed that "El Chop(somemeat)-O" had been ordering fajitas for almost a decade on the county dime but, selling them on his own.

Escamillas' said in court that his scheme had "spun out of control".

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