It was 1995 and El Pasoan's lived under a cloud of fear for a week as, day by day, a woman's body parts kept turning up all over El Paso.

This has got to be the worst crime to take place in El Paso and we're no strangers to evil. In the 80's, dead girls were being dug up in the desert in far northeast El Paso.

Around 2010, Juarez became the murder capitol of the world as bodies were beheaded and otherwise mutilated by cartels battling for control of the city and hundreds of young women were found in shallow graves around Juarez.

We have had multiple murders in EP and Las Cruces had a full on massacre once but this was evil. A horrifically, wicked murder that was the worst to ever take place here in El Paso.

So evil that, once the head was finally found, it had to be shown ... really, actually televised ... during local newscasts in a desperate attempt to identify the poor lady.


An Associated Press report said the woman, eventually identified as Suzy Hahn Bradley, was murdered on a Wednesday.

  • The following Friday, body parts were found near I-10 in the lower valley.
  • Other body parts, including her head, were found the next day.
  • Her torso was found in a cardboard box that Sunday, near Chaparral.
  • Later that same day, human tissue was found at an east side apartment complex.
  • The next day, Monday, her fingertips were found near her home.

Police not only couldn't ID the killer, they couldn't even figure out who the victim was. This prompted them to make an unheard of request ... they asked local news stations to show the severed head. Be careful, that link is graphic.

The newscast did the trick and helped establish the victims identity which led to the arrest of her killer. As unbelievable as it may sound, it was the woman's handicapped husband.

He shot her several times, then dismembered her body with an axe and scattered the parts in several areas of El Paso and Chaparral. After he spray painted some of them.

He confessed, got a life sentence and died in prison almost 20 years later.

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