This has nothing to do with things being bigger in Texas or our "better, faster, more, most" reputation. This is mostly due to what many call "progress".

Our world is rapidly changing and not always for the better. Climate change and the destruction of natural land areas and habitats are having a drastic effect on the planet and its inhabitants.

Animals especially are feeling mankinds "growth" and more and more species are becoming endangered.

How many tigers are there in the world?

Tigers are the biggest members of the cat family and they are really feeling the pinch thanks to shrinking habitats and illegal poaching.

About 100 years ago, an estimated 100,000 tigers roamed all over Asia.

Today, under 3,900 remain, living on only 4% of the land they used to. (Population figures vary.)

Why are there so many tigers in Texas?

In Texas, it is simpler to own a tiger than a dangerous dog. According to estimates, there could be around 2,000-5,000 tigers residing in this southern state of the United States, making Texas home to as many tigers as there are in the wild worldwide, which is estimated to be 5,000. a-z animals

The exact number of tigers in Texas, not counting those in zoos, is hard to determine because, although tiger owners are required to register their kitties, not all of them do.

Legendary private investigator/El Pasoan Jay J. Armes had one at his lower valley home for years. (I assume it was duly registered since EVERYBODY knew about it.)

Crazy Tiger Facts

  • They are said to be cheaper than many common pets.
  • You can't have a tiger in Houston but in unincorporated areas of Harris county, it's totally cool as long as it's 1,000 feet away from other residences, schools, daycare centers.
  • Texas law demands that tiger owners maintain a minimum of $100,000 in liability insurance.
  • The El Paso zoo has 2 tigers who are given frozen blood popsicles as treats.
  • For years there were a few tigers kept in a roadside attraction east of El Paso, towards Van Horn. I think they were eventually taken from their owners because they weren't being properly cared for.

Krazy Arrow Ranchette in Chaparral, NM.


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