As stay home orders are issued everywhere, many are taking delight in Netflix's newest addition: "Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness". Trust me when I say, if you're not watching "Tiger King" you are not doing this stay home thing right! It is crazy bonkers! I won't give too much away in case you haven't seen it so let's just say that it totally lives up to it's title: "Murder, Mayhem and Madness."

While everyone is fawning over Joe Exotic, Doc Antle and Carole Baskin's collection of big cats, many here in the Sun City weren't that impressed because we had a Tiger King of our own: Jay J. Armes. A quick search will give you a quick rundown on Mr. Armes- an American private investigator with hooks for hands. He rose to international fame in the 1970's when he took on the case of Marlon Brandon's missing son, Christian. His other famous clients include Elvis Presley, Elizabeth Taylor and Howard Hughes.

As famous as he was for solving cases, his TV and movie cameos and his famous action figure, he was also famous for his collection of exotic animals.

Only in El Paso via YouTube
Only in El Paso via YouTube

Mr. Armes, according to Texas Monthly, has had 22 different species that include panthers, horses, a chimpanzee, ostriches, a puma and a Siberian Tiger that all roam, or use to roam his home in the Lower Valley. He's said that some of his prized animals are freely grazing at his 20,000-acre Three Rivers Ranch in New Mexico.

I've never been to Mr. Armes' home, but I know people who have- Buzz. Buzz says that when he went he didn't see the tiger, but did see other big cats like cheetahs. Now that I think about it, I've never actually seen, or met, Jay J. Armes. He's actually come on to the show because Fernie is a huge fan of his, but I was not a member of the show at the time.

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OMG... I'm a fan of Private Investigator Jay J Armes #StarStruck #ItsAllGoodEP

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