Who hasn't dreamed of seeing a dinosaur when you were a kid? At one point or another, we've had moments where we dreamt of seeing a real life dinosaurs. Sadly they're all gone so if you want to see what they look like, you can find their skeletons in a museum. However, some of their footsteps are still around in the open & they exist in Texas. And you CAN visit them at this Texas state park.

A T-Rex Statue at the Don Harrington Discovery Center
Michael J. Rivera, Townsquare Media

Where can you see dinosaurs in Texas?

If you travel to Glen Rose, within Somervell County (and a short drive from Fort Worth), you'll find what's called the Dinosaur Valley State Park. Many years ago, dinosaurs roamed among an ancient ocean; now people can walk along the Paluxy River.

hand and dinosaur footprint .

Are dinosaur tracks hard to find at Dinosaur Valley State Park?

No. While they might not be visible all the time in the riverbed, people HAVE found them while hiking or horseback riding. So many people have found dino tracks in the park, Glen Rose is nicknamed "the Dinosaur Capital of Texas". And some people have posted about their trips to the Dinosaur Valley State Park.

Are there other places to see dinosaurs in Texas?

Glen Rose is certainly the most well known places to discover the prehistoric remains but other places worth noting are:


So yes, the dinosaurs are no more but we can still relive their history throughout the state of Texas. Next time you're on a hike, keep your eyes peel; you might stumble upon ancient history.

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