I know what you may be thinking: is weed legal in Texas? No, no it's not. Which is why it's surprising that this Texas city has ranked as a top weed consumer in the world.

According to Insider Monkey, Houston has ranked as the fourth highest (no pun intended) weed-consuming city in America. Overall, H-town was ranked as the sixth highest weed-consuming city in the entire world.

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Houston is the fourth highest weed-consuming city in the United States

How exactly did Insider Monkey figure this out? Check out their methodology:

To collect data for this article, we have referred to the 2023 Cannabis Price Index by the CFAH, looking for the Cities with the Highest Weed Consumption in the World. To keep our list relevant, we have only selected larger cities with populations of 200,000 or more. When two cities had the same consumption of weed, we ranked them by their price per gram of weed instead.

Insider Monkey found that in Houston, 18.5 metric tons of weed are consumed- although they didn't specify if that was within a year or what.

Recreational use of cannabis isn't legalized in the Lone Star state, and medical marijuana is still quite restrictive.

No other Texas cities make the top 20 list- but other American cities on the list include Phoenix, Chicago, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and coming in the top spot is New York, New York, where legal cannabis is expected to generate 63,000 jobs across New York by 2025, according to an estimate by CannabizTeam, an industry executive search and staffing firm. Other cities in the country have seen the benefits of legalizing cannabis, so maybe it's time to legalize it?

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