Texas is now totally hemmed by states where you can walk into a store and buy marijuana. Every state has its own rules about how these places can advertise themselves. In Oklahoma, it’s all right in your face. You KNOW a dispensary when you see it in Oklahoma. Example: there’s a place called “The Dank Bank” and their mascot (which is all over their signage) is an anthropomorphic joint. It’s a joint-dude whose head is on fire AND he’s smoking another, smaller joint that ALSO has a face! It’s all pretty obvious in Toke-lahoma.

It’s not so clear in other states. New Mexico is a good example. They HAVE dispensaries but the names and signs are a lot more…discreet, let’s say. More vague, really. It leads to an interesting game called Pot or Not? Is this a Dispensary?

Here’s a list of business names. Some are marijuana dispensaries and some are not. Correct answers are below the list.

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1.) The Green Mile

2.) The Medicine Shoppe

3.) The “Garden” Center

4.) Uncle Herb’s

5.) FN Smoke Shop

6.) Pipe Dreams

7.) The Coughy Shop

8.) Sweet Baby J’s

9.) The Giving Tree

10.) Nature’s Own

Now for the answers




1.) POT! It’s a dispensary in Colorado

The Green Mile via Google Maps

2.) NOT! It’s a regular pharmacy in Clovis, NM but the quaint spelling of “shop” might make you think otherwise.

3.) NOT! It’s an actual mom-and-pop nursery in Oklahoma. I don’t know why they put the word “garden” in quotes on their signage but I’m sure it’s confused other people besides me.

4.) POT! It’s in Alaska but based on the name it could be ANYTHING. Bait shop? Family restaurant? Nope, it’s a weed shop.

Uncle Herb's via Google Maps

5.) NOT! It’s just a tobacco store in Portales that sells discounted cigs. I thought maybe the “FN” stood for “Full of Nuggs”.

6.) POT! It’s a dispensary but it could have just as easily been a tobacco shop.

Pipe Dreams Dispensary via Google Maps

7.) POT! The spelling of “coughy” is the giveaway but I can imagine the confusion if you asked a local where you could “find the Coughy Shop” and ending up at a Starbucks.

The Coughy Shop

8.) NOT! It’s actually a bakery in Roswell, NM. But, every single thing about the name “Sweet Baby J’s Bakery” makes me think they’re selling pot brownies (they are not, but they make a really good coffee cake).

9.) POT! Is “The Giving Tree” an orchard that sells freshly plucked apples? Or is it a book store that sells only ONE title, by Shel Silverstein? Turns out, it’s a dispensary in Phoenix. That’s right…even Arizona has more progressive marijuana rules than Texas. ARIZONA, people!!

The Giving Tree

10.) POT! “Nature’s Own” is so vague it could be just about anything but it is a dispensary in Durant, Oklahoma.

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