4/20 is upon us. April 20th has had a connection to celebrating and smoking marijuana, why? No one really knows. No, it's not the police code for marijuana, and it's definitely not Bob Marley's birthday. Whatever the reason- 4/20 is a reason to celebrate as more states are moving to legalize recreational marijuana and as we find out more about the benefits of marijuana.

Despite Texas not legalizing recreational marijuana, you can still celebrate 4/20- legally! Kaleidoscope Art Market is  hosting another one of their great market and art shows to celebrate 4/20; their Four2Zero Fest Art Show & Market will be happening this Saturday, April 17th.

Kaleidoscope Art Market

Located at 9530 Viscount, and starting at 5 P.M.,  Kaleidoscope Art Market is inviting the community to join them for their fun and educational evening of all things 4/20! Local artists and artisan vendors will be on display. Delicious food, drinks and phenomenal live performances will take place, and as usual, it will be hosted by the extraordinary BoOsty!

Kaleidoscope Art Market
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Added to this art market are guest speakers from the El Paso scene who are major advocates for the legalization of marijuana.

Kaleidoscope Art Market

While I can't tell you that there will be actual marijuana at the market, it is kid friendly after all, there will be lots of vendors who specialize in CBD and hemp products- it's everything but the THC.

There will also be tons of giveaways during the market itself, and opportunities to win a grand prize bag! Along with the "rolling contest", if you show off your 4/20 pride, BoOsty will be on the look out for some specific 420 memorabilia during the show. Be the first to show him what he’s looking for and win a mini prize bag!

For more information, check out their event page. Be sure to join Kaleidoscope Art Market for their Four2Zero Fest, and be on the lookout for their other events!

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