Ugh, we still have another 4 years of Ted Cruz in office. This piece of human garbage continues to just be the worst of the worst. What's really sad is there seemed to be hope for Cruz back when he and Trump were battling each other and Cruz went right after Trump. That was short lived however.

So what has Cruz done now? He shared a tweet that has been traced back to a prod-Russian, far-right account. Check out this report:

Of course, if you love Ted Cruz, you probably see that report, notice that it's from MSNBC and immediately start yelling that it too is propaganda. You might have a point if this tweet wasn't legitimately coming from a pro-Russian account. Here is how that tweet has been tracked:

  • The earliest comparison of the recruitment videos was in two May 13 tweets by Koskovics Zoltán, an analyst at the Center for Fundamental Rights in Budapest. The center is linked to the far-right government of Hungary's Prime Minister Victor Orban, an ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin.
  • Zoltán's first tweet linked to a Vimeo page showing the Russian recruitment ad, and the second tweet linked to a post by the journalist Alan MacLeod slamming the "super-woke" US Army video. MacLeod is a frequent critic of western media outlets' coverage of Kremlin policy.
  • Zoltán's tweets were cited on May 14 by the Russian far-right outlet Krasnaya Vesnya and the American conservative blog Red State. Both posts mocked the comparison between the Russian and US armies.
  • Gavin McInnes, founder of the far-right Proud Boys group, discussed the recruitment videos in his YouTube show on May 15.
  • The two videos were then posted and discussed in threads on 4chan, the messaging board that serves as a key online hub for the right.
  • On May 17, the Russian and US recruitment videos were stitched together and posted on TikTok as a single video.
  • From there, the video — in its slightly altered form — was shared widely in white-supremacist forums on Telegram, the encrypted messaging app that's become a haven for extremists ousted from mainstream platforms.
  • The first post featuring the TikTok on Telegram was shared by an account that posts "white nationalist and fascist content," Ross told Insider. The post had spread, Ross said, in forums popular with the US white supremacist National Justice Party, the white-nationalist Groypers group, and the Russian ultra-nationalist National Bolsheviks.
  • On May 18, the TikTok was uploaded to Twitter for the first time. Insider has seen the post, which has as of Tuesday been retweeted 1,000 times.
  • On May 19, Rando Quaaden, a Dutch account that has posted tweets in support of the European far-right Identitarian movement and Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad, tweeted the TikTok.
  • On May 19, Pardes Seleh, a Texas realtor who posts conservative content on Twitter, shared the video posted by Rando Quaaden.
  • And on May 20, Cruz retweeted Seleh.

Congrats Ted Cruz! You continue to prove you're the worst!

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