Halloween is over, but we are all still reeling over how great everyone's costumes were this year! To find out what all of our favorite costumes were on the parade route this year, click here.

I really do enjoy seeing everyone get into the spirit of Halloween- which is why I love scrolling through social media and seeing everyone's costumes! Everyone always looks so happy. I especially love the creative ones, like this one that I saw at the Halloween parade of someone dressed as Jay J. Armes!


Super creative and instantly recognizable, well, at least here in the Sun City.

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But none compare to this one costume I saw on Twitter that I'm sure won so many prizes. Check it out and see if you can guess what it is!

It most definitely is the scariest thing ever, especially if your name is Snowflake!

That's right, these Twitter users, @the_stevenb and @RoseClousten, dressed up as Senator Ted Cruz and his poor little dog Snowflake.

But this isn't just any Ted Cruz, it's the Ted Cruz that decided to leave Texas in the middle of the big freeze we had in February and take on some tropical temperatures in Cancun. Of course, his side of the story said he wanted to make sure his daughters got there safely, sure Ted. Poor Snowflake was the one left behind in the freeze!

How creative are these costumes? So many other people thought the same, the Tweet has racked up over 80 thousand likes and thousands of retweets. This, and the Jay J. Armes costumes definitely are winners in my book!

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