“Lose Cruz” is an anti-Ted Cruz P.A.C. whose stated goal is, ”defeating the nation’s most disliked U.S. Senator," Ted Cruz.

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They recently got the Texas Republican’s attention when they did a mock-up of “Ted Cruz Inspired Barbie dolls”.

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On his Twitter page, Senator Cruz on Friday acknowledged the fake Barbies and inquired about getting one for realsies.

So, “Lose Cruz” sent two of the modified Barbies to Ted’s office with the following note:

“Dear Senator Cruz, you expressed an interest in receiving one of the dolls from the “Ted Cruz Barbie Collection”. We are honoring your request by delivering to your office “Cancun Barbie” and “Capitol Insurrection Barbie”.

Lose Cruz (which you can donate to, here, say their PAC is made up of “Sensible Americans” and staffed by “senior Texas Democratic and Republican advisors” with the stated goal of unseating the Senate’s most universally reviled member, Rafael Edward “Ted“I’m NOT the Zodiac Killer and my dad didn’t kill JFK” Cruz.

The fake Barbies were made following Cruz’s recent rant about “The Barbie Movie” being “Chinese communist propaganda”.

Tedward was especially miffed over a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it scene from the upcoming movie that showed a map of Asia that was, allegedly, “ Communist propaganda”.

Warner Bros., the studio that made “The Barbie Movie” said in a statement that the map is a “child-like crayon drawing that was not intended to make any type of statement.”

Lose Cruz said that, since Ted Cruz is focusing his attention on calling out Barbie as commie propaganda, “we’re proud to pay homage to him with a new line of Barbie dolls inspired by his (lack of) work”.

Of course, once Tedling opened the floodgates, Twitter did what Twitter does best: annihilate Ted Cruz.

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