It's that time of year again; the Texas State Fair is nearly upon us! While many look forward to the rides and carnival games, lots (and lots!) of Texans and spectators from across the country wait in anticipation to try the new deep fried treats we'll see at this year's fair!

State Fair of Texas/ Big Tex
State Fair of Texas/ Big Tex

The Texas State Fair is, of course, the reason we have such creations like deep fried pineapple upside down cake, deep fried biscuits and gravy and, of course, the highly confusing-yet-intriguing deep fried Jell-O.

Can I take my own food and/or drink to the Texas State Fair?

If you've got great self-control and you're able to resist some of the goodies at the fair, then you'll be interested to know that you can actually take your food and drink to the Texas State Fair! According to the Texas State Fair FAQ page:

Tasting “Fair food” is a big reason why people visit the State Fair of Texas, but if you have any dietary restrictions or other reasons for wanting to bring your own food or beverages, please do. Please note: Alcohol, glass containers, and metal knives and forks are prohibited, and your cooler will be searched as you enter the grounds.

That's great news for those who are maybe trying to keep their visit budget friendly, or for those who simply can't eat the food offered at the fair.

It also doesn't sound like they're restricting the kind of food you can take in; aside from the glass containers, alcohol and metal knives and forks, it looks like you can take yourself your very own picnic! I've noticed it's become quite the trend at venues lately, to let you take in your own water- which is great! It's still kind of hot here in Texas- stay hydrated! As for what foods you can expect this year? Check this out.

Texas State Fair Food Finalists for 2023

These are the judge's favorites for new foods at the Texas State Fair




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