You've heard of fried chicken.  You have probably heard of fried veggies and fruits. (mushrooms, pickles, etc...) You MAYYYY have even heard of fried ice cream.  This "fried thing" has now officially gone to far.How about fried bubblegum??  You heard (ummmm, saw) correctly.  Fried bubblegum.  It must be good; it won a prize!!  (They have a contest for this stuff?)

Read allll about it (you know you want to) here via the Dallas News.  Then come back here for my favorite bits from this story!


Ok, still with me??  Here are my favorite lines from the Dallas news story.  Ahem:    State Representitive Eric Johnson (Democrat .. go figure.) says

"I think the kids are going to go crazy for that one, so I voted for that one,” he said. “I knew that that would be a really big hit.”

Father of the year right there!  Next:

“It’s ooey, gooey and sticky,” said judge Kristi Scales, sideline reporter for the Dallas Cowboys Radio Network. “I recommend parents bring some Handi Wipes.” 

Are parents lining up to bring their kids in to try this s***??  (Other than Johnsons kids??)


"The sticking point; gum won't fry" 


Then why the WTF*** are you trying to fry it?? 

They actually have a contest for this and several other categories. (If you missed them, read the story again!)  All the "winnners" are there at the end.

One last Johnson quote:

“It’s a lot of fun to make a decision that’s not so heavy,” he said. “No lives are hanging in the balance, and there are no real losers.” 

As long as you don't count the run of heart disease, obesity and astronomical cholesteral levels we're steering ourselves toward here; I guess not. 


Let me know if they figure out a way to fry beer ... In the meantime; I'll stick to Eclipse gum and non-fried salsa thank you.


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