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Top 5 Break-Up Rock Songs
My love life can be summed up with one word. Sad. After a bad break-up and failed engagement, I've been reflecting on my past relationship. The only way to get me through my break up was turning to music. I stayed here in El Paso and my Ex went back to New Jersey.
My Top 5 Girls Twerking On Instagram Videos
Twerking is one of my favorite things because I like big butts and I can not lie. I seriously spend countless hours a day looking at videos of girls twerking. It is the best dance ever invented. A girl moves her hips up and down casuing her butt to wobble and shake. Instagram is the best place to fi…
My Top 5 Bands That Cause Lady Boners
I have a certain playlist that gets me excited when I hear their music and see them in concert. It is not just by their sexy looks and tattoos but mostly their lyrics that make me want to get out of control. I decided to create a top 5 list of bands that cause "lady boners".
Bizarre El Paso Food Staples – Our Top 5 Local Favorites

Every town has it's particular set of favorite foods that are unique to that place. Some cities live for crab cakes, some pizza, some snails (hey, we're not here to judge). But El Paso truly has some unique foods that we stick by, no matter what anyone else might tell us, no matter what th…