Recently on the Buzz Adams Morning Show, Buzz said Kanye West is not a musician and that rap is so easy that even a kid can do it. I challenged him to come up with a rap song by the end of the week. I also wanted to show him the struggle is real for rappers in the Sun City. It's not that easy.

WARNING: Profanity/Strong Language

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#1- Zawcain is a local rapper that was featured on BET. He raps in a cypher along side with Busta Rhymes. My favorite line, 'Repping for a whole region on which ya'll slept, from Vegas to El Paso, I'm the Southwest best!' Ooh Kill Em'

Fast forward to the 1:10 mark to hear him rap

#2- El Paso Police Department is added to this list of best rap songs for their 1992 smash hit called 'Think Twice'. According to the person who posted the video on YouTube, 'it's cautionary tale about gangbangers.' The EPPD used the phrase 'You only live once' way before rap superstar Drake did in his it song YOLO.

#3- Lower Valley Tres made this rap gem called 'I love my city'. They confess their love for the Borderland and even call it by it's unofficial name 'Chuco Town'. The music video features low riders, guys who look like cholos and El Corazon de El Paso (Lincoln Park).

#4- Pretty Da Pusher is on this list since his song is titled after our great city El Paso. This song features a sample from on of my favorite Marty Robbins songs called "El Paso City'.

#5- Young Drugs 'El Paso Texas' they might be rapping about El Paso, Texas but they are wearing Houston, Texas sports teams. I'm guessing the El Paso Chihuahuas store was closed. I wonder if Visit El Paso uses any of these songs in their tourism campaign.