Is This the Best Jock Halloween Costume Ever? [PHOTO]
We saw some great homemade Halloween costumes at the KLAQ Halloween Parade, but this one might qualify for one of the best costume ideas I've ever seen. It definitely takes the cake in the jock world. Meet Paralympic skier Josh Sundquist. Josh has only one leg, but he makes the most of it -- as…
What Are You Dressing Up As for Halloween?
Halloween is getting closer, and even Buzz is ready with his Halloween costume! Some of the KLAQ staffers have some ideas for dressing up for the KLAQ Halloween Parade and trick or treating.
Buzz will be Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead.
Man Plotted To Kill Ex-Girlfriend Dressed As Bear
A New York man was willing to go to incredible lengths just to kill his ex-girlfriend. For his murder plot to work all he had to do was kill, skin and wear the skin of a bear. ABC News has all the “grizzly” details.
Clyde Gardner’s girlfriend had tossed him on the street again. He wanted revenge so h…