As I mentioned in Part 1 of this list, everybody wants to wear a Halloween costume that is both timely and unique. There’s nothing worse than meticulously crafting your “Midsommar” couples costume and then finding out there are 2 OTHER Danis and Christians entered in the bar costume contest.

Here are five MORE ideas for costume mashups that will guarantee that you are the unique, special little fingerprint that God intended you to be.

  • 1.) You go as…

…a pixie-ish youth dressed all in green with a green cap and green leotards. You look like you just flew in from Never Neverland. But…you’ve got a tin cup and a crudely made sign that says “Will fight Pirates for Food”.

You are: Peter Panhandler

  • 2.) You go as…

… Dorothy from the Golden Girls. You’re also wearing garish clown makeup with dyed green hair and you’re carrying an “Everything Must Go!” spinny sign

You are: Bea Arthur Fleck

  • 3.) You go as…

… Father Christmas. You’re also bald and have an eyepatch over one eye. It would also really help if you’re black. (PRO TIP: if you are NOT black, do not try to make yourself look black. Just be the whatever-you-are version of this character or pick something else off this list).

You are: Ol’ Saint Nick Fury

  • 4.) You go as…

…. the subject of a hit summer 2019 biopic. You’re dressed in sparkly, jewel encrusted sunglasses an extravagant feather boa and sequined pants. You’re also carrying a magnum 357 a big gold coin and looking for the Russian mobsters who killed your dog .

You are: Elton John Wick

  • (This next one is a couples costume!)

5.) One of you goes as…

…a Sith lord, dressed all in black with a red light saber and a helmet that obscures your face. Your partner goes as a fat, stupid cartoon cat that has his big, slobbery tongue lolling out.

You are: Kylo Ren and Stimpy

  • (And, because Thruples are a thing that exists, here’s a mashup for a three person team).

6.) One of you goes as…

…Andy Dusfresne’s best friend from Shawshank Redemption. Another person goes as the main character from “Breaking Bad”. The third person goes as an azure colored cartoon dog who is always giving pre-school kids clues.

You are: The American Flag.

Because you’re “Red”, “White” and “Blue”

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