Black Friday

Black Friday Arrest
A man is facing charges in connection with a Black Friday brawl at an El Paso Walmart after police said he trampled an elderly woman and punched a police officer amid his quest for a discounted TV.
Black Friday
It seems this time of year there are two different kinds of people. Those that are willing to brave the Black Friday craziness in search of a sale, and those happy to sit back and watch the craziness from home. recently compiled two things in regards to Black Friday:

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Black Friday Fights 2014
Black Friday is a day when Americans recover from Thanksgiving with some retail therapy. Deals can be spotted everywhere and so can fights. Check out the best Black Friday fights of 2014!
Black Friday Mayhem
Black Friday is only a few days away. Grab your gear and get ready to fight over incredibly cheap toys, TVs and DVDs. For those of you who see Black Friday as the horror it truly is, this movie trailer is for you.

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