A man is facing charges in connection with a Black Friday brawl at an El Paso Walmart after police said he trampled an elderly woman and punched a police officer amid his quest for a discounted TV.

El Paso police say 23-year-old Ruben Garcia was at the center of a massive clash over on-sale television sets at the Dyer Street on Thanksgiving evening, shortly into the store's early-starting Black Friday sale.

According to police, a crowd descended on a display of TVs as they were being unwrapped and began grabbing at them. Amid the chaos, an elderly woman fell to the ground and began getting trampled by the crowd.

Police said Garcia was spotted stomping on her while pulling a television from the woman's hands. Police said the woman was crying and asking for help and an officer tried to pull Garcia off the woman. He then punched the officer several times before backup arrived and Garcia was placed under arrest.

Garcia was charged with assault on a public servant and his bond was set at $5,000.