We're taking a look at Ben Thompson's book "Badass" and finding some of our favorite badasses in history. A few months ago, we discovered an amazing website Badass of the Week. The creator, Ben Thompson, founded the site so others could learn about various badass men and women in history. The site has been around since 2004 and Thompson has written several books on the subject of Badasses through history, as well as the Guts and Glory series of books. Both series look at various types of heroes and villains throughout history. While reading these books, we've found interesting facts, stories and people that we believe should be highlighted so you know more about them. The first Badass we think you should know is from Russia, the Tsar Peter the Great.

Peter the Great turned his country into the massive Russian empire, modernized the country and the first permanent naval base in Russia's history. But he was also known as a hard partier, who would entertain his group of 100-200 friends and drink all his friends under the table. This group was known as the All-Joking, All-Drunken Synod of Fools and Jester. He surrounded himself with women, booze, dancing bears and even little people. Everyone was forced to finish their vodkas no matter what, and he loved to play with fireworks. He even killed someone on accident while playing with fireworks. His parties were legendary and it was considered an insult if any guests left sober. Check out Ben Thompson's book "Badass" and read how Tsar Peter the Great was really more like Peter the Great party host.


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