Secret Deliciousness
Like many fast food restaurants, Whataburger offers a few things you WON'T find on their menu. The difference is, well, these are from Whataburger!!!!
Fernie Gets a “Hair Tat"
The Texas Showdown Festival is this weekend at the El Paso County Coliseum. Since I don’t have tattoos, I decide I would represent KLAQ with a "hair tattoo." Marcus Hatch is a celebrity hair stylist that has given cuts to DMX, Mobb Deep, Tyrese and Young Jeezy. Chec…
UFC Fan Uses Guillotine Choke To Stop Carjacking
The rise of UFC has had an impact on the American sports landscape, but it also might help fight crime. Need proof? Ask Shron Antoine Jones, an alleged carjacker in Stockton, Caliornia who wound up in a guillotine choke hold when he tried to steal the SUV of UFC fan Abel Simmons.
5 Weird Concept Cars That Were Vetoed by Some Buzzkill in a Suit
Every year, new groundbreaking automotive designs are introduced to this progressive planet, which serve to challenge both the traditional definitions of driving and masculinity alike. While automakers and their mad science committees work relentlessly to become the first to bare the most radical an…

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