The rise of UFC has had an impact on the American sports landscape, but it also might help fight crime. Need proof? Ask Shron Antoine Jones, an alleged carjacker in Stockton, Caliornia who wound up in a guillotine choke hold when he tried to steal the SUV of UFC fan Abel Simmons.

Simmons and his wife were returning home last Saturday night when Jones allegedly rushed their vehicle and tried to enter the rear of the SUV where their two young children were sleeping. Simmons confronted Jones outside of the vehicle while his wife called 911. After employing an unsuccessful arm-bar and take down, Simmons put Jones in a guillotine choke hold. Boom. Done.

"I had him in a guillotine choke. And he wasn't getting out of that. I had that lock really tight," said Simmons. "I just held him in place and said, 'Well, guess you are going to jail tonight buddy.'"

Jones did go to jail; he was charged with attempted carjacking, battery and resisting arrest. Criminals should beware: the next time they try to mug a grandmotherly-looking woman, they might wind up in a rear naked choke (which isn't sexy at all).

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