I'm not sure if it's the "first" one ever but, it seems to be the biggest and most well organized ... so far.

March 10th, San Antonio celebrates the mighty Menudo.  A Mexican dish loved for it's great taste and ... best of all ... it's "cruda" curing benefits.  It's also one of those dishes that can be made a zillion different ways and that no two people make alike. Even those that try duplicating recipes come up with different tastes.

You KNOW the food here in El Paso is the best anywhere and I'm sure local cooks, both pro and amateur, would kick SA's ... and everyone else's ... butts at menudo. We need our own contest!

I took a poll here at The Q to find the top 3 places in El Paso to get Menudo. (There were only 5-6 people around at the time so, not exactly a huge database.) Here's what we came up with ...

La Choza, 1155 N. Zaragoza (Available Daily)

L & J Cafe, 3622 E. Missouri (Wknds Only)

Lucy's, 4119 N. Mesa (Wknds Only)