Like many fast food restaurants, Whataburger offers a few things you WON'T find on their menu. The difference is, well, these are from Whataburger!!!!

No matter how much you debate who makes the best fast food burger, Whataburger rules Texas.  There are plenty of tasty things on their menu but, there are a few that aren't.

If you want to eat at Whataburger and try something new at the same time, order one of these items from

  • 1) Anything.  Get creative, they'll put together pretty much any combination of things ... from their menu ... on your plate.
  • 2) Grilled Cheese Sandwich. Not only good but, cheap since you only pay for cheese and toast.
  • 3) Chicken and Pancakes. 'Cuz, who said eggs and sausage "own" the breakfast and brunch world?? (Or that pancakes can't be a dinner side!)

There are a few more items, check 'em out here or; come up with some of your own.

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