You'd think being part of a world famous rock band would be enough for most guys right?

Not necessarily!  This year the KLAQ Balloonfest features 2 guys who just can't NOT rock!

The fest begins Saturday the 25th with Mark Tremonti headlining.  Mark first got our attention as the axeman/co-writer of a little band called Creed.

(He also managed to sneak on to a Larry The Cable Guy disc!)  When Creed got boring, he hooked up with Myles Kennedy (ex Mayfield Four, now singing for Slash) and the other Creed fellas to form Alterbridge.

As cool as that was, it STILL didn't let him show off his shredding skills as much as he wanted though, so now he's out on his own. Louder, harder and better than ever .... get your tickets at area 7-11/Alon locations!

Sunday the 26th, we're back at it again with Sully Erna!  Most of you know Sully as the singer of Godsmack but there's more to him than just singing.

He's also a guitarist, drummer, harmonica player (that's him on the harp in Godsmacks "Shine Down".) and he's a really good pianist!

Wow, I just got to the point where I can walk and chew gum.

Monday, we wrap it all up with Halestorm.  (Their members haven't been involved in a bunch of different bands, but their new single "Here's To Us" feature a bunch of different band members like Slash, Brent Smith, the afore mentioned Myles Kennedy, James Michael, Tylor Connolly, David Drainman, & Maria Brink!)

The fest will also feature Aranda, Young Guns and a bunch of homegrown rock!

It's going to be a helluva weekend, see who else is playing at!

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