This has been a wild summer so far for crazy snake videos. A couple weeks ago it was the video of the snake coming out from under the hood of a pickup while it was going down the highway. A couple weeks before that, I shared a video of a king snake eating a rattlesnake whole.

Well, the Summer of Snake Insanity continues with this video of a rattlesnake trying to get on board a speed boat in the middle of Lake Folsom in California.

I have a few observations:

1.) I have never seen a rattlesnake in water before. Plenty of water moccasins and the odd copperhead or two but never an aquatic rattler.

2.) The people are freaking out and it takes them several minutes to realize, "Duh...we're on a SPEED boat. Why don't we SPEED away from the snake?"

3.) That snake is tenacious like the villain in an '80s slasher movie. You swerve the car and then go back to run over the body but 30 seconds later, there's Michael Meyers still hanging on to the roof.

4.) This is, no lie, the number one comment on YouTube about this video:


Yeah, Shaxuul, it IS a shame they didn't have a net. Also, too bad they didn't have a nice saucer of milk for him along with some nice, plump feeder mice. What I'm trying to say is, I love all God's creatures -- but f**k a rattlesnake.

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