There are plenty of animal fight videos on YouTube. I've seen zebra vs. hippo, warthog vs. cheetah and Rhino vs. Spiderman. Sorry, that last one was supposed to be in Amazing Spiderman 3 but Amazing Spiderman 2 was so bad they pulled the plug. So, sadly, I haven't actually seen that last one.

The following video is so bizarre that I can't believe it doesn't have 10 million views. As you can hear the guy say at the beginning of the video, "I've never seen that on Wild Kingdom".

Basically, it's a fight to the death between a common king snake and a rattlesnake. The two snakes are roughly the same size. The king snake is immune to the rattler's venom. He's got the rattler halfway down his throat by the tail and, all the time, the rattler is striking the shit out of him. So , what happens when a snake eats another snake it's own size whole? Watch until the end to find out.

WARNING: Minds will be blown.

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