Maybe if they asked the snake nicer to get out of the truck?

A Texas man and his friend were traveling for work when they saw a surprise slither out of their truck's hood. Swade Moyers and Zakary Wyatt are from Shallowater, Texas and were driving along when they saw a snake pop its head, and then entire body, out of the truck's hood. Once they saw the snake, both men admitted they started screaming "like little girls."

Zakary Wyatt told Everything Lubbock:

"Swade threw his hands up and said "Oh my gosh" and I said "What, dude?" Wyatt said, "And his truck is a little fancy, so I thought maybe his steering wheel shocked him or something...then he pointed at the windshield and said "Look!" and there was a snake...we both acted like girls after that."

The men started recording their encounter and preparing for what the worst; the snake entering their truck. The driver Swade Moyers said that he put the car in cruise control in case it got in. From there Wyatt said they were ready:

"It was game on. We picked up anything we could have, which was an umbrella. We were looking at A/C vents and the pedals. I had pedal-duty, and he had cruise-control and steering was on."

They were able to get the snake out at first then it slithered its way back onto the hood.From there they pulled the vehicle over and waited for the snake to fall off. The pair are enjoying their fame and love how they are making people laugh with their "girly" screams.

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