Gourmet EATS? From a  Food Truck?

In all my  Street Food Adventures I have Never had to battle a mob of kids to  get a  burger .I will say ,Eastwood High School Kids are Spoiled ! But for this reason .. Create Gourmet Eats Food Truck!

I drive to the east side just behind Eastwood High School  to find a MOB of kids around a sea of Lunch Trucks ( roach coaches , patty wagon ..YOU get the picture )... BUT  one stood out!!! A very  Colorful  and VERY  CLEAN  Lunch Truck . The smell from the truck was hypnotizing, the smell of a Good Burger was calling my name . I walk up , and  get  greeted by a very  attractive( and married ) Drina .

I ask the simple Question:  what do you  recommend? I get a list of choices only  to hear " Chorizo Torta"... I order it with a side of sweet potato fries .

What  I get  is totally something that should only be served in a Sit down  restaurant... A Juicy ,8oz beef patty, topped with beef franks ,chorizo,pickled jalaps,avocado and a Fried Egg!! (Dont knock it  till you try it !)

DAMN!!! That's a Burger !! On Yeah lets not forget the Ice Cold Jones Soda!!.(Root Beer)

On a scale of 10 a  Very Tasty 9.5 !!!

You be the judge  look for them tomorrow(10/21/11) Downtown across from San Jacinto Plaza

Dont forget  to look for them on facebook and twitter !!

Thanks Drina Hernadez and Steven Hernadez .. Cheers!!!!