It's officially happening! "Sun City Car Pool Cinema" debuts this weekend and it looks like it's going to have a killer line up. The El Paso County Coliseum along with C&G Entertainment are bringing back the drive-in movie experience and bringing you three movies that will please everyone for their debut weekend!

C & G Entertainment
C & G Entertainment

To kick off their opening weekend, families can enjoy "Trolls" in two separate showings. On Sunday, for the horror lover in your life, the classic and iconic horror film "The Exorcist" will be shown on big screen in two separate showings. And, finally, on Monday evening, the iconic '80's John Hughes film "The Breakfast Club" will close out the debut with one showing. C&G Entertainment say that they will reveal the following weeks showings next Thursday.

You can buy your tickets by clicking here. It looks like it will be $31, with a $1 fee per car. According to C&G Entertainment, the 8 PM showings are "80% sold out" as well as front row tickets, so get you're going to want to buy your tickets ASAP.

"Sun City Car Pool Cinema" is such a cool name and I cannot wait to see how this turns out. Earlier this week, C&G Entertainment had not announced what horror film they would be showing, and I'm super excited that it's going to be "The Exorcist." If you haven't had the opporutunity to see "The Exorcist" on the big screen, I highly recommend you do! If you recall, I expressed my woes earlier this month when I wrote about drive-in theaters thriving all across Texas except here in El Paso. Drive-in theaters are seeing a boom during the pandemic, mainly due to the fact that regular movie theaters aren't opening up yet. Again, you can buy tickets to this great event here.

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