The American rock band from Chicago, Styx will be coming to El Paso! They will be performing months away from today. Styx is set to perform on Sunday, December 15 at the Abraham Chavez Theatre. This band is hard to forget because of their great music and performances. You may remember seeing them in a couple of Super-Bowl appearances and touring with major bands. I remember my mom playing "Come Sail Away" on Saturday mornings while cleaning the house when I was younger. They had many other hits but I remember that one the most. Another song that EVERYONE loves to sing is "Mr. Roboto" especially busting out with robot dance moves. Styx will be kicking off their 2019 tour first in our Sun City and will take a slight break. The concert will begin at 7:30 pm and haven't released if they will have an opening band. If you're looking forward to flashing back to the good old simple times, this concert is it!


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