A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving has aired every Thanksgiving since, like, the beginning of time. Seriously, I think the pilgrims and indians watched it.

Since you and/or your kids are probably going to watch the show tonight, here are a few things to think about:

Lucy barely appears in the show. The little B-word jacks up Charlie Brown's punt attempt at the beginning and that's it. Which, as this video points out, is probably why everyone likes this special best.

Vince Guaraldi, who did all those classic Peanuts songs, actually sings in this one. (The first time Peanuts ever used an adult voice.)

Lots of people freaked when the bird, Woodstock, ate turkey. If you're one of them, 1) get over it, it's a cartoon and, 2), you're not alone. The shows producer wanted that scene deleted but lost the argument.

Sally gripes about Christmas stuff going up in stores too soon, proving that retailers have always shoved Christmas down people's throats too soon.

It airs tonight at 7 on KVIA, channel 7. Happy Thanksgiving!

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