The Prospector Daily played the curious cat role by interviewing Utep students about their thoughts on a day like today. The Prospector Daily had funny questions lined up for the students to answer about their personal experience.

The first question got straight to the point, asking what has been their worst date. One student, Sara Aguilar said that she had to pay for every single check. I believe she won that question and in life for the trash taking itself out! Moving on to the second question, which was the worst pick up line told. I gotta admit that Lois Mendez got one hilarious but complimenting in a weird way type of pick up line. Pushing along into the final question about how to have a good time without a dime. The first and best answer was given by Beatriz Dominguez.

This is a very funny segment especially if it does relate you to the person telling it!

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