While hanging out at her friends dorm room, Central Michigan University Freshman Natalie Belsito looked out the window and noticed a squirrel drowning in a pond. She told Central Michigan Life newspaper that she just couldn't leave it there and decided to take action. She went down to the pond with a hockey stick to help get the squirrel out but that didn't work out. That's when a man reached into the pond and got the squirrel by the tail and pulled it out. Belsito, admitting she doesn't actually know CPR, tried to perform CPR with the hockey stick but quickly found that it wasn't working, so she started performing CPR with her hands when she remembered Michael Scott:

“Honestly, when I was doing it, I was thinking of the episode of the office when they do CPR, I was literally singing that song as I tried to do it.”

They then took the squirrel back to the dorm room (even though they're not supposed to have animals). With some towels and the help of a hair dryer, the squirrel was all better two hours later when they released it back outside. A tweet she posted quickly went viral, for obvious reasons.

It's one thing to save a squirrel, it's another to actually credit The Office for it! If you're not familiar, in an episode of The Office they're taking a CPR class when Michael Scott, played by Steve Carrel, learns that a good tip for doing CPR is to do chest compression's to the tune of "Stayin' Alive" which BTW is actually approved by the American Heart Association! So next time you need to do CPR just remember The Office and you'll be a hero!

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