We’re getting a bunch of really good questions from Street Fest fans so check out the list below and see if it helps. If you still have a question, leave it in the comments section at the bottom of this page and we’ll answer each one as quickly as possible. Who’s ready for #EPStreetFest?!

Ticket prices:

$20 per day in advance, $30 at the gate. Two day passes are $35 in advance ONLY. Tickets on sale at El Paso area Alon stores.

Exclusive Camino Real Party Passes are $100 through Ticketmaster.


Our main stage will be located on S. Santa Fe St. in Downtown El Paso, right next to the Abraham Chavez Theatre and the Camino Real. You won’t miss us.

1. Can I bring outside drinks and food?

No. We’ve worked hard to bring you LOTS of food and drink vendors, including beer. We’ve asked those vendors to keep their prices reasonable so everyone can afford to eat. There will be no shortage of food or beverages for you at Street Fest.

1b. More importantly, how much are beers?

A 16oz beer will be $5.

2. Can I bring backpacks and coolers?

In an effort to ensure everyone’s safety, we will no longer be allowing backpacks, large bags, or coolers inside the event. No weapons will be allowed.

3. Can I bring my kids?

Absolutely. Tickets for children age 2-12 are only $5 at the gate. Anyone under 2 is welcome for free.

4. Can I bring my dog?

No. Only service animals are allowed. It gets very noisy and crowded at Street Fest. It’s not an environment for pets.

5. What is there to do besides the main bands?

We’ll have a car show which will be open the entire time, 5 stages of live bands, and many vendor booths to visit. All the information on the activities can be found here on our official Street Fest page.

6. What time do gates open?

Gates open at 6 p.m.

7. When do the bands on the main stage start?

Bands on the Budweiser main stage begin roughly at 8 p.m. on Friday and 7 p.m. on Saturday

7b. What times does Bush start?

We’re hoping immediately after the fireworks on Friday night. Read the details here.

8. What time do the fireworks at El Paso Street Fest start?

We will begin the fireworks show at 10 p.m. each night of Street Fest.

9. Who is performing each night?

See the lineup for all 5 stages by viewing the Street Fest lineup page here.

10. Can I win tickets?

Of course! We’re giving away tickets, backstage passes, and exclusive patio party passes, too. Find all the contest and enter then in the KLAQ Freeloader section.

11. Where do I share photos and videos?

We have an official Street fest hashtag we’re encouraging everyone to use. Whether you’re using Vine, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or some other social media, make sure you use #EPStreetFest so we can add your photos and videos to our website. You’ll be an instant celebrity!

 12. Where should I park?

You’ll be able to park at the convention center, regular parking spots around Downtown El Paso, and other parking garages. There will be a cost to park at the convention center, but we HIGHLY recommend you take Paisano to enter the parking garage from the South side.  Other routes will be blocked.

13. Can I take the bus?

YES! Sun Metro will be offering extended hours and more buses for Street Fest. It’s a quick, affordable, and very convenient option to get to Street Fest.

14. Can I bring a professional camera?

Unfortunately we only allow professional camera for those with press passes. You are more than welcome to use a small, personal camera or your cell phone. Anyone with a professional-grade camera and without a press pass will be asked to leave their camera.

15. Is there a quiet, less crowded place I can watch the bands from?

Yes. We are offering exclusive Camino Real Patio Party tickets through Ticketmaster or the Camino Real. Each ticket is approximately $100 and includes finger foods and drink tickets. Only a limited number of tickets will be sold for this so the area will be considerably less crowded.

16. Why are you guys so awesome?

Because we love to party just as much as you! Okay... maybe we through that last question in there.