It's always fun to try new things especially experiencing a new drinking game. If you enjoy watching Live PD with your favorite nightcap beside you, this drinking game makes things interesting. You can still have some fun while you're under the roof of your home! You never know what kind of hangover you will have when you watch Live PD that features El Paso. It also depends what kind of poison you will choose to use for this kind of drinking game. If you prefer to drink wine or beer then you can use the 3 or 5-second chug. But if you choose to take shots instead, be sure you limit yourself to only a few things on the list below. So here is how Drinking and Watching Live PD works. You have to either take that quick swig of your beverage everytime you see one of the following things below.

  1. Every time they check in with El Paso
  2. You see a cat/dog
  3. Any sports logo (example: Los Angeles Dodgers, San Antonio Spurs, Los Angeles Chargers, USC Trojans)
  4. In possession of illegal substances
  5. Public Intoxication
  6. Bar/Nightclub fights
  7. Every time they report from the Northeast area

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