October 15th is National I Love Lucy Day. And if you're like The Morning Show, you probably have a favorite gag or scene that Lucy played. In celebration of that rascally redhead, we share with you OUR favorite scenes from I Love Lucy.

According to Buzz, the I Love Lucy sketch that stands out the most was the Vitameatavegamin scene where Lucy tried to film an advertisement for a health tonic but got drunk from the product. "The way she uses her face and how funny she is without saying a word. It's a top-notch physical comedy. Anyone who says a woman can't be funny, let alone an attractive woman, hasn't seen one episode of I Love Lucy. She ranks up there with the funniest."

Lisa said that her favorite scene was the classic Lucy and Ethel assembly line disaster at the chocolate factory, but she can't put her finger exactly on why. "I've just always loved I Love Lucy. My dog is named Lucille Ball. I find her super dorky and relatable. I see myself as her."

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Joanna's favorite Lucy scene is one that impressed her with Lucy's skills. "I like the one where she uses cheese as a baby because it was a very nifty idea to get cheese into the United States, and as a cheese fan, I would totally be down with her."

Nico's favorite Lucy scene involves an adult's favorite beverage, wine. "The grape stomping episode of I Love Lucy is iconic for me. It's a great example of physical comedy, and because I watched it before I ever had wine, that's the scene that plays through my head every time I take a sip."

As you can tell, we all love Lucy, which may have been the most surprising result of all because even though each of us has radically different interests, the one person that seems to bring us together is a person who hasn't been on TV for 50 years. Get into the spirit and watch some reruns of I Love Lucy, The Lucy Show Lucille Ball show, or any of her radio interviews on Sirius XM.

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