Tx Dot

I understand no one is perfect and people make mistakes especially when it comes to their job. Hell, I've been there and done that with my share of mistakes while on and off the air. Now it is humiliating when you do make a mistake that is seen or heard by most of El Paso. Every weekday starting at 5 pm I give you traffic updates that I get from the Texas Department of Transportation.

Well, funny story to tell you about what happened last week on Thursday. I received an e-mail with a traffic alert that had me re-reading one particular line. You can read it in the picture featured above. If you're heading West from Hawkins, the backup would be to McRae, Yarborough, and so on. But this traffic alert mentioned I-10 West at Hawkins having congestion all the way to Brown. If you think about it, they probably meant the opposite direction instead of what they listed. Place your vote down below if you caught where Tx Dot made a boo boo!


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