I recently went in overnight to have my sleep monitored at 8 Hour Sleep Clinic. I had a sleep study done before but that was over 15 years ago and I wanted to find out if my sleep patterns and behaviors were normal (Spoiler Alert: they are not).

This sleep study was different from my last one in a few key ways. In the one years ago, they hooked all kinds of wires to your body and you had to sleep on a hospital bed in what felt very much like a doctor’s exam room. My feeling at the time was that nobody would get a good night’s sleep under those uncomfortable conditions.

Flash forward to the present: they still hook all kinds of wires up to you but the sleep environment is MUCH more conducive to restfulness. The room you conk out in looks, feels and smells like a really nice hotel room. They’ve also got a large screen TV and they encourage you to do whatever you normally do at bedtime. Whether that’s watching TV or reading your IPad or even taking prescription sleep medicine, they want you to do the routine that’s normal for you.

They’ve got the following video up at their website which is www.8hoursleepclinic.com . There’s also all the contact information if you feel that a sleep consultation might be helpful to you.


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