If you've been searching all over El Paso for toilet paper with no luck, look no further. A local business located in the Central area is willing to help out our community. The local distributor, Spectrum Paper have opened their doors to assist in selling toilet paper to the public. Spectrum Paper normally sells to schools, hotels, Border Patrol and other businesses. But with the Covid-19 pandemic putting people in a panic they're willing to sell to you.

It isn't easy when you're a last-minute shopper because you're left with nothing. Covid-19 pandemic put people into a panic and they're the reason no more toilet paper is left. Last week I had gone to Family Dollar and they still have quite the supply left but one shopper had a cart full of toilet paper packs. So say goodbye to being on the hunt or standing in long lines just for toilet paper. Spectrum Paper is located at 27 Concord St. and open from 8 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday. But remember the early bird gets the worm.