If you're worried about not scoring your next water supply, a local water supplier has your back. Lately, you know it has been an impossible mission trying to score water bottles and gallons. Luckily for you, a local water supply company is around to help those in need. Water King is your source to stock up on that water supply that is sold out everywhere else. If someone you know hasn't had any luck purchasing water bottles or gallons refer them to Water King.

Water King is selling its water bottle cases for $5 each. Each case contains 24 bottles and will deliver to you for free if you order 10 cases or more per order. The water supply company has two locations in El Paso and in Las Cruces. They ask you to call in and place your order instead of walking in. They accept cash and credit cards but prefer you to pay with a credit card. You can place your order by calling 915-886-4979 in El Paso or 575-523-8811 in Las Cruces.

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