Exciting news for Texans who are looking to start a business. WalletHub recently released its list of the best places for people looking to start a business, and many are located in the Sun Belt States.


WalletHub is a personal finance website that produces research reports on various financial subjects and categories. Their most recent report looked at cities across the country to see which are the most promising for starting a new business. The site looked at three key dimensions:

1.    Business Environment

2.    Access to Resources

3.    Business Costs

19 metrics were looked at inside those 3 dimensions, each rating on a 100-point scale. From these measurements, WalletHub was able to determine which cities are the best for you to start your business.

Forth Worth, Texas came in at number 9 on the list, and Austin rounded out the top 10. Both Austin and Forth Worth ranked high in all three dimension areas, thanks in large part to their thriving economies and business-friendly environments. El Paso was ranked all the way at number 60 on the list.

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When looking at the average growth in a number of small businesses Austin tied with Boise, Idaho for #1 in this category. In the Accessible Financing category, both Laredo and Lubbock made it into the top 5 cities.

Overall, the Top 10 cities on this list were primarily located in the Sun Belt States:

1.    Orlando, FL

2.    Jacksonville, FL

3.    Miami, FL

4.    Tampa, FL

5.    Durham, NC

6.    Boise, ID

7.    Atlanta, GA

8.    Charlotte, NC

9.    Fort Worth, TX

10.  Austin, TX

Sun Belt states stretch across the Southeast and Southwestern United States, usually characterized by warm and sunny climates. It's easy to see why people want to live in those areas and start new businesses there. Read more about WalletHub's "2023's Best Cities To Start A Business" report on their website.

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