Another episode of "What the Buzz" with Emily and I is now available wherever you get your podcasts and also it's easily accessible through through on the Listen Live feature. This new episode is titled "Someone's Crying at Thanksgiving" and it's a little longer than our usual episodes.

This lengthy episode actually took Emily and I a little longer than usual to record. Because our office is still in phase 2 of reopening, Emily is only coming in three times a  week. In between those times, Emily has meetings and I have other work to get done after the Morning Show. When Emily and I finally sat down to record the first time, we kept getting interrupted. It resulted in us abandoning that first attempt and picking up where we left off at the end of the week.

In our second attempt, we kept getting interrupted, yet again, but this time we decided enough was enough and we were just going to power through with our recording. Find out why Emily says someone will cry at Thanksgiving this year- and trust me there's a lot of reasons to do so this year. We also talk about our socially distanced holiday plans and why I'm a little relieved that no one will be coming to my house this year. Emily gives us an idea of how to handle those holiday blues- that may interfere with the pandemic blues we already have. Also, listen to us have a brain fart when we can't think of the word "tolerance".

"Someone's Crying at Thanksgiving" is available now everywhere you get your podcasts and at on the Listen Live feature. Happy Thanksgiving!

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