Glendon Garfield Oakley Jr. who claimed he performed hero duties when El Paso suffered a heartbreaking tragedy was arrested. He was the man that had claimed he carried kids to safety outside of Cielo Vista Mall. When months after video footage popped up showing him only carrying his shopping bags and filming as he was exiting the mall that day. Glendon Garfield Oakley Jr. was placed under arrest near Killeen about 2:59 am on Thursday morning.

The Harker Heights Police Department were the ones who placed Glendon Garfield Oakley Jr. under arrest. The team at KTSM had reached out to Fort Bliss officials to clarify his arrest. Glendon Garfield Oakley Jr. is being charged out of Fort Hood for a third-degree felony. One thing that is unsure is what his charge was exactly since he was arrested. Hopefully, we will learn more details about Glendon Garfield Oakley Jr.'s arrest from this past Thursday.