Happy Veterans Day!

Photo by Filip Andrejevic on Unsplash
Photo by Filip Andrejevic on Unsplash

One of the great things about our country is that you are automatically a hero if you serve our military. Some heroes hold a hill against overwhelming enemy forces and some heroes did a lot of K.P.  The point is you served, you’re a hero and you’d really have to do something PRETTY bad to lose your hero status.  Some of our “formerly heroic” veterans include Lee Harvey Oswald, Timothy McVey, and Charles Whitman, the Texas Tower sniper.  They all effed up pretty bad.

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In addition to murder, I feel like “treason” is also a big no-no. I know that, overwhelmingly, U.S. veterans are very, very unlikely to do either of these things. But I feel like it’s worth a reminder on this special day because some former child actors are giving some really bad advice on what our heroes should be doing on Veterans Day this year.

That is former “Silver Spoons” star and Costco employee-harasser, Rick “Ricky” “Richard” “Dick” Schroder encouraging veterans to “muster” and take over the country on Veteran’s Day.  You might be asking yourself, “Is Ricky Schroder a veteran?” No he wasn’t. But, he PLAYED one in the 2001 made-for-TV movie “The Lost Battalion”.

Thankfully, most real veterans will not heed Schroder’s plea to “muster” this Veteran’s Day.

Here Are Some Comments From YouTube:
mika altieri

As the wife of a disabled Vietnam War veteran, I resent your call to arms, Ricky Schroeder. I used to admire you as an actor, but now that your true colors are out there, any respect I had is gone. Why don't you try and discover the truth?

Pete Williams

As a Cold War Army veteran, I can assure you that I will not gather at a local post office and hobnob with the "militia"!

Jose Delatorre

hey Ricky....as a Vietnam vet, I suggest you come over and try to create chaos in my backyard, you a***ole.

We Appreciate Your Service

Photo by Tim Marshall on Unsplash
Photo by Tim Marshall on Unsplash

Thank you, Veterans, heroes all, and Happy Veterans Day!

But let’s cut Rick Schroder some slack. I think what we’re witnessing in the above video are the ill effects of early childhood exposure to silver spoons and Jon Voight.

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