These sock puppets sure do know how to put on a good rock show! These socks go by the name of Lintallica which is a clever name for them.

The sock puppets created their own remix version of "Master of Puppets" that speaks the truth. Lintallica sings the dirty truth about laundry especially the sock department. Their remix version is "Master of Sock Puppets" and really does rock your socks off! Well at least for me it did since I've shared that particular mismatch sock struggle. This band of socks are such a hit they have their own Facebook and Twitter page. This is the kind of sock parody you wouldn't want to miss out on watching. So kick off those socks or keep them on and hear the remix version of Metallica's "Master of Puppets" by Lintallica.

Get ready for a laugh and a rock and roll session with Lintallica seeing a Metallica favorite!