I am feeling pretty bad on Good Friday because of the pilgrimage hike being canceled. Since coronavirus has put people's lives in danger we've had to follow strict orders. Those strict orders include staying at home and practice social distancing. Since we have to practice social distancing that means no social gatherings. I usually participate in the pilgrimage hike every time they hold one.

I am not as stoked as I used to be before about the hike because I was exercising then. I will admit I have been out of the exercise commitment for a long time now. Which explains why I am feeling bad about being happy that Mount Cristo Rey canceled. Clearly it's impossible to follow social distancing rules when there's not enough room on the pathway up. Although some of us have already hit the age of practicing social distancing long ago. In other words, we're happy when plans are canceled so we can just stay in and lounge around. Leave your vote down below about how you felt after Mount Cristo Rey canceled their pilgrimage hike.

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