Sometimes life can get stressful where you feel you need a break from everything. Now by everything, I mean city lights, sounds, and even technology.

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The best place to escape that will help you feel more serene is always where nature is at. Some friends of mine always rely on camping when they feel stressed.

The last time I had gone camping was when I was a little girl. My first camping experience started off hectic but will always be remembered.

But I especially remember how calm I felt hearing nature all around me. There is a place that will have you amazed and that isn't far from El Paso.

Bluff Springs, New Mexico is where to head for some peace and quiet. We wouldn't have known about this place if weren't for April Flame posting in Hike El Paso (& Other Outdoor Stuff) Facebook group.

If you check out April Flame's pictures, it is almost like you can feel the calmness as if you were there. The beauty April Flame caught on camera is worthy of the two-hour drive.

She even mentioned Google Maps will lead you straight to the best area which has a waterfall. After looking at her picture of the waterfall it's almost as if you can imagine the sound of it.

Bluff Springs Majestic Waterfall

April also mentioned the road gets rocky so if you care about your tires, you will need to hike one mile. So, if you need a new spot to enjoy some peace and quiet, hit up Bluff Springs.

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