If you were hoping to make the trek up Mount Cristo Rey this Friday for the annual Good Friday pilgrimage, you are in for some bad news. It's been cancelled again. It seems we just aren't quite ready to make that trek yet. We need to wait for the pandemic to die down just a bit more.

In a statement issued late Tuesday night by the Catholic Diocese of Las Cruces and the Mounty Cristo Rey Restoration Committee:

With attendance in the thousands, social distancing and CDC guidelines would be hard to enforce.

The path up the mountain has been closed due to the pandemic but officials said they will make an announcement once it's open again.

Mount Cristo Rey is a good little hike. I've done it once with my family as a part of my kid's catechism class. If you've ever done this, you know exactly what the one issue was with this trek. We make it up to the top where they hold a service. We eat lunch and take in the views. It was great. We start to make our way back down and we get about halfway when it hits. My kid suddenly has to go to the bathroom. And of course it doesn't start with a simple "I need to go to the bathroom." It's more along the lines of "I need to go now or I might have an accident." She didn't because, well, it's always an over exaggeration at the beginning. Plus I think the fear of not being around a bathroom doesn't help.

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